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Actual Conversation at Work

3 May, 2008 (13:36) | hitch | By: hitch

Geeky Cuberat: “Man, when Dan* was down it seemed like every time he went to use the bathroom it was being cleaned”
Non-Geeky Cuberat: “I know…he totally kirked out about it”
Geeky Cuberat: “Yeah, he….wait, WHAT?”
Non-Geeky Cuberat: “He kirked out about it.”
Me: “Um…how do you mean that?”
Non-Geeky Cuberat: “Well…how would YOU mean it?”
Geeky Cuberat: “Like…Kirk? James T.?”
Non-Geeky Cuberat: “Huh?”
Me: “Y’know…William Shatner…like….KHAAAAANNNN!!!!!!”
Non-Geeky Cuberat: “Oh…yeah, pretty much like that. What else would it be?”
Geeky Cuberat: “Well…we just didn’t expect that out of YOU. I mean…maybe you were thinking of another Kirk. Like maybe Kirk Cobain”
Me: “Hang on…First off, that’s KURT Cobain. And second, what would that even entail? He was so pissed off about the bathroom being closed that he committed suicide?”
Geeky Cuberat: “Dude, it’s not like that’s all he did. He wasn’t born, sat in his house for 20 years and then offed himself.”
Me: “So, what, you’re saying Dan got up, went the the bathroom, and when it was closed he wrote a depressing grunge ditty?”

I believe it was at that point that all three of use were laughing so hard that we couldn’t catch enough breath to continue the discussion.

* Names have been changed to protect the guilty

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