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As long as I’m waiting…

11 September, 2008 (12:08) | hitch | By: hitch

I might as well continue the story.
Our first night on the ship was an eye-opener for Sabrina. Tons of places to explore, a whole ship to wander around. She’d never been on a ship this size before and it was obvious she was having a blast. Dinnertime introduced a small hiccup upon the realization that we had not yet received a table assignment, leading to the second eye-opener – Americans were a distinct minority on this ship. In point of fact, English-speaking people were a distinct minority, and Americans were in the minority of those as well.
In retrospect, this should have been unsurprising. We’d been hearing all summer about how most people were staying home for their vacations due to the rising costs of gas and airfare, and the ship did leave from Spain, after all. We just weren’t quite prepared for the reality of it.
There were a few odd effects from this – the first being that my Spanish got a stronger workout on the trip than my Italian. Neither being much good, I found myself constructing various situation-appropriate sentences in my head in case it became necessary to use them. It rarely did. The second effect was that we rapidly scaled back our usual behaviour of quoting (again) situation-appropriate bits from stand-up comedy and tv shows due to the high proportion of British references in that pool and the high proportion of British people on the ship. Not because we didn’t want them to know we watch a lot of BBC, but because we were afraid we’d offend people with our horrible accents.
We did start to see an improvement in our ability to tell the difference between various accents, though.
After a 9pm dinner (we had the late seating) combined with the events of the day, we were exhausted. The next day’s tour wasn’t going to be that long, but we were ready to go collapse. So we did.
Next up, I explain why we don’t have any pictures from that tour.

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