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Cannes You Imagine It?

12 September, 2008 (10:05) | hitch | By: hitch

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I hope you’ve got a great imagination, because you’re going to need it. Cannes was beautiful. Gorgeous. Opulent. And didn’t even begin to compare to Monaco, where the entire country appears designed around the principle of expensive things attracting people with more money than taste. And yet somehow, both managed to avoid appearing too gaudy. Unfortunately I can’t back up what I just told you with any pictures because I didn’t take any.
While we were preparing for each tour a sheet was provided with special notices for the preparations you should take. Certain days required covered knees and shoulders (most days, actually. Anywhere there was a church – and in Italy there’s always a church) and Tunisia required a passport. Monaco indicated that you would not be permitted to carry a camera into the Grand Casino and, since the Grand Casino was the premiere part of the title of this tour, we believed that we would be forced to stay outside the casino with our cameras and miss much of the tour. “Darn,” we said to each other, “I wish we could bring the cameras”. So we left them on the ship.
The Grand Casino, it turns out, has been dealing with this for a long time. They have a coat check room where you can check your camera bags. They’re very nice about it. And I’m an idiot for not bringing the camera. The casino itself wasn’t much to see, but I’m very disappointed about missing the Grand Prix photos and pictures of the rest of Monaco itself.
You can get to the few pictures of Cannes we took from the ship at this link.

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