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I’m how old?

30 September, 2008 (14:52) | hitch | By: hitch

So I turned 30 on Friday. I’m not that old, really, though, right? Right?
I’m being told by many people older than me that 30 isn’t so bad – part of me thinks that perhaps they’re telling me that so that they don’t feel so old, but part of me thinks that they’re probably right, given how I’m feeling these days*.
Sabrina threw me a surprise party – for some value of “Surprise” – She threw a party, which I knew was coming, 99.9% of the details of which were a surprise. This, for me, is the best kind of surprise party. I don’t freak out when I notice there’s subterfuge going on behind my back, I don’t spaz about the details, and I’m able to be told of specific things I shouldn’t be doing so that I can avoid accidentally finding out about things I shouldn’t know.
For this party, though, Sabrina went above and beyond. On top of inviting all my family (all of whom I was thrilled to see – particularly Aunt Charlotte and Eli and Verna & Rick) she went through and found people we haven’t seen since college, friends of mine from work, friends we love but rarely get to hang out with, and, on top of everything, she’d been working with my best friend since June to come out here from California 3 weeks earlier than he’d initially intended just to make it here in time for the party. She had several people talking about how they wouldn’t be able to be around that weekend, Jeff (the California dude) even called me day-of to tell me “Happy Birthday, sorry I missed you on the actual day, how’s the weather out there in VA?”
They got me good. And it was awesome. I can’t even say how touched I was to have all those people show up (and I know now that it’s over and people can talk about it that even more wanted to but couldn’t shift their schedules around)
Thank you Sabrina. I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate what you’ve done.
Although I do approach your upcoming party with some trepidation. There’s no way I can hope to match this.

* well, not these days. Right now I feel pretty lousy, as I’m detoxing from all the cake.


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