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It’s getting late

17 September, 2008 (20:37) | hitch | By: hitch

and I haven’t posted anything yet today.
So here I am, posting. Today was pretty exhausting, despite it not involving a tremendous amount of physical exertion. I cleaned out a half dozen cabinets, reorganized a couple of shelves, made space where once there was none, and completely emptied a refrigerator in under 10 minutes. Half an hour later I refilled a new one in about as much time.
I was concerned about doing that…the new fridge wasn’t cold yet, but I decided that a) getting cool food in a room-temperature fridge would help it cool down faster and b) the food wasn’t going to stay cool much longer where it was. Oh, the frozen stuff was fine. I had most of the freezer packed into a cooler and a cooler bag. All the really really perishable stuff from the fridge was in another cooler bag. But the rest…well, the rest worried me.
I’m pretty sure it all turned out alright. In any case I threw out a ton of stuff that had been in my fridge for far too long regardless, so it was a good exercise there. Plus I’m pleased about the bottom freezer. Not only won’t things leap at me in a desperate attempt to escape anymore, the freezer on the bottom means better energy efficiency and a better view of what’s in the fridge itself.
I was all set to wonder why this was such a new concept in refrigerators and realized that it’s because of the cold air flowing down that they started with the “ice box” on top. Huh.
In any case, the minor renovations are just getting started. I put in some accent lighting under one set of cabinets this evening, and plan to do the other set either tomorrow or friday. I’ve got a half dozen little projects planned for the weekend. And now I’m planning on building furniture. I’m crazy. I have no idea what I’m doing there. Ah well. It’s in the blood. I’m sure I’ll pick it up. (no offense, Dad, but it has to be in the blood. I got a decent dose of PopPop’s handiness somehow.)
And…um…I guess that’s rather a lot to say for a post I was just making to get my quota in. I guess that’s why you just have to keep it up. The more you write the easier it is.

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