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New Rule.

15 September, 2008 (12:38) | hitch | By: hitch

“Every day” doesn’t necessarily include weekends. Except when it does.
This weekend, for example, was intended to be a relaxing, do-nothing weekend.
In fact, we ended up buying a refrigerator, a new kitchen table, and (because Sabrina was watching the DIY/HGTV one-two punch) started cleaning and planning the minor remodeling we plan to do over the next few months. This mostly involves paint. I have a feeling it’s also going to involve re-finishing a lot of furniture and moving things around. Oh…and curtains.
More about italy in the near future. We’ve only just gotten started.
And for all of you reading this in VA, we’re trying to get an “Italian Night” together in the near future where we serve Italian food, Italian wine, and force you to look at our Italian photos.

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