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Something Very Important

23 April, 2008 (20:47) | hitch | By: hitch

So, part of why I’ve been poking around at my blog recently is the fact that this is an invaluable tool to reach…well, 5 people. But maybe I’ll reach a lot more. See, here’s the deal: I’ve signed up this year for the Tour De Cure, a bike ride fundraiser event to raise money and awareness for diabetes. My personal page for fundraising is up there too, so feel free to contribute – I’d be *very* grateful. If you go to the site and read what I said, you’ll see how personally I’m taking this ride. Diabetes as a condition appears to be circling my family and friends, and I can feel its target set right on me. It would be too much to say that I’m scared, but I’m certainly concerned, and that concern starts with the people around me and, the one that motivates me most, ends with me. So this year we’re going to do the 32 mile ride, and we’ve pledged the minimum amount, just to see if we can. Next year, I’m going to do the 64 mile ride, and I intend to do more than double the pledge. Help me find out how much I can pledge next year by helping me raise the money this year. Hopefully I’ll get to stop asking for money at some point, when there’s no more reason to ride these things.

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