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Month: September, 2009

My first audio recording!

25 September, 2009 (17:18) | hitch | By: hitch

Yes, just like a Fisher Price thing! I didn’t know what the hell to record, so I grabbed one of my favorite chunks of Hamlet and had fun. I hope it’s fun for you too…though not everyone likes Shakespeare. Still, I’m just happy that the quality is good…my acting needs work, I’m sure. But now […]

My 2cents on Health Insurance

10 September, 2009 (19:32) | hitch | By: hitch

My primary frustration with medical insurance at the moment – because this is really an insurance argument and not a “health care” argument at all – is that it’s run like car insurance. when it is nothing like car insurance. If someone wrecks their car you can say “okay, pay us more because you made […]

What I did on my summer vacation (2009 edition)

5 September, 2009 (20:38) | hitch | By: hitch

Ahhh, Bermuda. The land of…well…honestly, not a whole heck of a lot that anyone around here knows about. Which is exactly why it was such a great vacation this time ’round. Please don’t misunderstand – there really is rather a lot to do while you’re there, if you’re so inclined. It’s simply that there’s nothing […]

Today’s TED – Schools and “Creativity”

3 September, 2009 (08:11) | hitch | By: hitch

Been a while since one of these, but what the heck – this one grabbed me. The title of this talk is misleading – it’s not necessarily his position that school is a creativity killer, but rather that the education system is structured in a hierarchical fashion that not only marginalizes but stigmatizes whole areas […]