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Today’s TED – Schools and “Creativity”

3 September, 2009 (08:11) | hitch | By: hitch

Been a while since one of these, but what the heck – this one grabbed me.

The title of this talk is misleading – it’s not necessarily his position that school is a creativity killer, but rather that the education system is structured in a hierarchical fashion that not only marginalizes but stigmatizes whole areas of “intelligence”

His thesis is that changing this structure is critical to our ability to adapt for the future – a future we clearly don’t see the shape of past 5 or so years out.

Towards the end he shares a story of how a friend of his managed to dodge the system and flourish and he suggests that this story should be more common than it is.

I’m reminded of my own recent realizations that “Failure is Always an Option” (thanks, Adam Savage) and I’m struggling with my own skills and talents, trying to understand exactly what directions I should be taking to best match my aptitudes and interests.

To top it off, he’s an entertaining speaker – with an accent and speech patterns that call to mind Michael Caine – and well worth your time.

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