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This page is going up slightly against my better judgement. Very little of what is going to be placed on this page will be here because I think it is any good. I do this out of the same instinct that caused me to create a website in the first place. Primarily, that if I’m going to write things, or draw things, or take pictures, that they won’t do me or anyone else any good if I don’t put them somewhere where they can be seen. So here they are – my animation work (in flash, mostly. My artwork used to be here, but it got moved to the Gallery.

Flash Animation

The Robot
This was my very first flash animation – and I learned a lot about animation principles doing it. Partially because it was the first major assignment for my principles of animation class. Partially because you can’t help but learn by doing. I learned some interesting things about what happens to drawings when you scan them in and turn them into certain kinds of files. The giant robot hand at the end of the video is a pretty good example of that. It’s hand drawn and then scanned – there’s a very distinctive style to it that you’ll see in a lot of the better quality flash animation (no, I’m not calling this “better quality”, just suggesting that the high quality flash movies out there are a result of people who draw things out first.)

World Trade Center
A rather heavy-handed “tribute” in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Again, part of a class assignment. In retrospect, I feel that it was rather over the top, but I like the fact that I was able to record all my own sound for this one, and there were some rather tricky recurring loops that I got juuuust right. To me, the fact that I was able to get three layers of landscape and background scroll by in a way that suggests depth more than makes up for the slight jerk halfway up the towers (when I had to use two overlapping images) or the fact that people walking up stairs don’t have their knees on welded hinges. Ah, the things we learn.

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