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Ordinarily I (being Chris) feel that biography pages are pretty useless. 9 times out of 10, the people who care about the bios are people that already know you anyway. The rest of the time it seems rather pointless to have a bio up if you don’t have any real content. Well, I’ve finally got a site that has “content” – things you won’t be able to get from other places on the ‘net, because they’re things that I’ve done on my own (always with significant help and encouragement from my wife). Most of the text not in the weblog area will probably be from my point of view mostly because I’m the one that sat down at the keyboard and typed it. If she starts putting up things in the rest of the site, we’ll start “signing” our pages.
Chris Sanner

I’m a geek from the word go. I like sci-fi and fantasy and computers, and I feel no need to apologize for that. That’s probably due to the fact that I found someone wonderful who not only accepts my geekness but embraces it with me. I’ll let her tell you about herself, but let me just say that she’s beautiful, amazing, and can be quite a geek on her own. I spend most of my days and some of my nights doing Systems Administration work for America Online. While it may be an Evil Empire, it’s a great place to work. It’s certainly far superior to doing government contract work (in any capacity)

Sabrina Sanner

(This may get taken down in the near future as Sabrina has her own blog overe here.)

Ok – this is my first blog bio, so Im not really sure what in the world I’m doing – here it goes!!

I’m 25 and live in Leesburg, VA with my loving husband of a year and a half (almost). My family and I moved to Manassas from Southwestern VA when my brother and I were in high school – needless to say, that was an adjustment! We don’t know who had the most culture shock – us coping with all the nationalities or the nationalities coping with our Tennessee twang accent!! One thing I remember most of my 9th grade teachers treated me with hardly any respect at all. I think they thought I was some kind of know-nothing redneck from the south – what a bunch of idiots. Yes America, these are the teachers that teach our kids – all cynical, hypocritical, and just dont give a rats ass about the kids!!

I’ve lived in VA all my lifeborn and raised. I have family here, I went to school here, I work here, got married here, hell – I’ll probably even die here!!! I love VA, you’ve got beaches, amusement parks, and (this is probably one of the most important) WINERIES!! Yup, Virginia has its share of wonderful wineries. They’re as far down as my hometown roots (Abingdon, VA). We’ve toured not even half of the wineries here, but we’ve had our share of good ones and we’ve had some not so good ones (Not naming names – they might read this!!).

Anyway, other than living in one state all my life, I did mention that I am married. I married my high school sweetheart on March 29, 2003!! We were together 8 1/2 years the day before we tied the not. All of our college friends were like, Why dont you get married now? Well, we wanted to finish school first! Chris and I have been married almost a year and a half (Sept 29th will be the 1/2 year mark!!) and we are LOVING IT.

My husband is the world to me – he loves me, cares for me, and I couldn’t have married a more wonderful, loving, and gentle human being! (I love you, Chris!)

Now the most fun thing I have in the world is my job. I am in my natural habitat – I work with rednecks!! I work for a company that does framing, masonry, and siding work as well as bath hardware installations for regional and national builders. Virginia is CRAWLING with construction and home building and buying is on the rise – especially in Northern VA. Real estate in general is a huge market and, for me, thats a good thing – it means job security (hooray!!). I’m the one the majority of people dread – I’m the one calling to say, Where’s the money!! Yup, I work in accounts receivable. It’s fun and it’s definitely not BORING. That word is most surely not in my vocab when it comes to my job.

Ok – I’ll stop boring you about myself. I’m heading away, for now. Something tells me I’ll be doing more posts.

Be good, take care of your self and each other. Good things come to those who love!!


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