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Category: Rants

When Brick & Mortar Loses

11 May, 2011 (14:38) | Rants, Twitter | By: hitch

This all started churning through my head today after I dropped by a Borders on my way to lunch (I left my book at home and I like to read at lunch. Sue me) only to discover that they didn’t have a single one of the books I wanted. They had others by the same […]

Sartre Must Have Skiied

19 February, 2007 (12:21) | Rants | By: hitch

On a snowboard (or, in the interests of fairness, skis), hell is other people. Back at the beginning of this ski season, Sabrina and I tried out snowboarding. Sabrina wanted to try it last year, but I didn’t want to switch gears mid-season, given how difficult I’d been told it is to learn to snowboard. […]

Newsflash in the War on Christmakwanizikaa

20 December, 2006 (15:54) | Rants | By: hitch

This just in – a major corporation has fired the next volley in the War On Christmas – they have declared that they will not tell their employees to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”. They went on to say “this is because we do not police every misbegotten thing that comes out of […]

Ill met by annual review-light

8 December, 2006 (08:51) | Rants | By: hitch

so I’m filling out my annual review. and I have to judge myself based on many statements. I get to say “did not meet”, “partially met”, “fully met”, and “exceeded” expectations. one of the things i have to rate myself against concludes with “and delivered beyond expectations”. if I, in fact, delivered beyond expectations, did […]


4 January, 2006 (08:41) | Rants | By: hitch

When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.