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Tag: Italy

A little Pisa heaven (or, Florence you glad we came?)

16 September, 2008 (13:08) | hitch | By: hitch

I’m gonna run out of puns someday…but you’re not that lucky yet. Day…um…Florence day! (I could figure out exactly what day it was, but I figure this fits in better with how well we managed to keep track of days while we were onboard – i.e. “not very”) This is the first full day we […]

It’s all Greek to me

15 September, 2008 (20:44) | hitch | By: hitch

Hopefully I’ll stop breaking each day into two posts soon, although it feels somewhat natural to do so. Each day really seemed to be comprised of two parts: The Tour, followed by The Ship. After coming back from a day of touring, we’d generally find ourselves with a few hours on our hands until dinner, […]

Cannes You Imagine It?

12 September, 2008 (10:05) | hitch | By: hitch

* WPG2 Plugin Not Validated * I hope you’ve got a great imagination, because you’re going to need it. Cannes was beautiful. Gorgeous. Opulent. And didn’t even begin to compare to Monaco, where the entire country appears designed around the principle of expensive things attracting people with more money than taste. And yet somehow, both […]

As long as I’m waiting…

11 September, 2008 (12:08) | hitch | By: hitch

I might as well continue the story. Our first night on the ship was an eye-opener for Sabrina. Tons of places to explore, a whole ship to wander around. She’d never been on a ship this size before and it was obvious she was having a blast. Dinnertime introduced a small hiccup upon the realization […]

We begin our tour of Italy with Spain.

8 September, 2008 (20:08) | hitch | By: hitch

* WPG2 Plugin Not Validated * Our flight landed in Barcelona early Saturday morning after a brief (long enough to walk from one terminal to the next) layover in Paris. This, after an 8 hour flight that left the previous afternoon EST in Virginia, left us pretty significantly wiped. “No problem,” we thought, “we didn’t […]