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Tag: Stuff I Done Did

Smokey the Enforcer

16 February, 2006 (10:45) | hitch | By: hitch

Nestled in the mountains of Italy there sits a small, peaceful town. This town is unique because it sits at the base of a particular peak on which grow a most magnificent flower, the likes of which are unknown anywhere else in the world. This fact has made the town – and the flower-sellers in […]

Friends! Romans! Countrymen!

21 January, 2005 (11:00) | hitch | By: hitch

There lived, in ancient Rome, a farmer of humble demeanor. His livelihood was built on the quality of his crops, for although his yield was small, it was of the finest produce that money could buy and often commanded very dear prices at the market. For all this, however, the farmer still lived a modest […]

Staring into sky

13 January, 2005 (09:09) | hitch | By: hitch

The boy stared hard out of the window, willing his eyes wide open against the day’s fatigue. Straining to the limits of focus, inspecting each star for a twinkle, a winking in its light. He’d seen it, he knew he’d seen it, the fading and bobbing of a single star, distinct against the steady, stately […]

What about an escort service?

23 November, 2004 (09:21) | hitch | By: hitch

Once upon a time there was a tiny kingdom that sat on a tiny island. This tiny kingom was ruled by a tiny king named Rupert, and he had been king for many years. Rupert was a good king. He loved his people and wanted to do what was best for them, as any good […]