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This page is for those of you who constantly ask me “what do you want for [holiday/special occasion x]?”. This isn’t an attempt to be greedy, but I detest answering this question because I can’t answer without feeling as though I am (being greedy). I hate asking for things. I don’t know why that is, but rather than say “I want”, I’d rather just go get it myself. For some reason making a list of my wants for other people to read just feels particularly selfish. So I’m putting this list up primarily as a way for me to keep track of the things I’m planning on picking up, and the things Sabrina and I need. I’m also putting up Sabrina’s wishlist here (admittedly to make Christmas shopping easier for me too). This is also a great list to check to see if there’s anything you can get us that you know we’d like. I’ll take things down as we actually get them
(either for ourselves or from others).

This is also an exercise in budgeting – if I/we know things are on a list that people might buy things off of, we’re more likely to leave something on a shelf and say “no,
someone might be planning to give us this as a gift”. Sneaky, yes? But probably good sense. In any case, the list follows:


Sabrina: Wishlist

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